10 things to know before adopting a cat


Would you like to have a cat as a pet at your residence? Possessing a feline can be a highly gratifying experience, however, it also necessitates a long-term commitment.

Here are ten significant points that one must be aware of before adopting a cat:

1.Prolonged lifespan
Some cats can live up to 20 years. Hence, it is crucial to ponder whether we will still be able to take care of the cat in the distant future before making a decision.

2. Incurs costs
Taking care of a cat can incur expenses up to $800 per annum, including food, litter, bowls, brushes, toys, scraper, veterinary treatments, and vaccines.

3. Attention-seeking
Cats are more autonomous than dogs, but they still require daily attention, playtime, and petting. Despite their independence, felines still crave human companionship.

4. Litter box is essential
Cats are clean creatures, and their litter box should be spacious enough for them to enter effortlessly. Some cats have a preference for a specific type of litter and may refuse to use it if it’s not their preferred type. The litter box should be placed in an accessible and less isolated area and should be frequently changed.

5. Scratching is natural
Scratching is an innate urge that should not be suppressed. Cats can be trained not to scratch furniture, but they should have a designated place to do so.

6. Grooming necessary
Cats clean themselves, but they still need to be brushed at least once a week to keep their coats lustrous and to prevent hairballs.

7. Routine important
Cats are creatures of habit. To make them feel secure, their environment should be predictable with consistent feeding and playtime schedules. Cats also have a fondness for the same brand of food.

8. Sterilization necessary
Male and female cats, even if kept indoors, should be sterilized between 4 to 6 months of age depending on their weight. Sterilization prevents overpopulation and contributes to the animal’s behavioral benefits, making male cats less aggressive and females calmer.

9. Two cats are better than one
Some cats have a more sociable temperament and enjoy the company of other felines. Having a feline companion can fulfill their exercise and socialization needs.

10. Adds presence to the home
Despite their tendency to be discreet, cats bring a real presence to the home and know how to win their way into our hearts. Soon, they will be regarded as a beloved member of the family

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